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Revello S.a.s. was founded in 1984 as the private company of Revello Mauro.
Right from the beginning, he dedicated his business exclusively to the carwash sector, focusing initially on traditional systems and later shifting the company's concentration to automated systems.

The objective, beyond the range of application, was always to create a line of high-quality detergents so as to completely satisfy the many requests made by sector operators and the demands of end users.

By specialising in the latest carwash systems, from self-service to more sophisticated automatic ones, Revello succeeded in dealing with any innovation with the same commitment as always: the result is a new production of detergents studied in every detail and manufactured with cutting-edge technologies through formulations that place considerable attention on man and low environmental impact.

The high quality standard, reliability, production technologies, and the respect for the environment, have made Revello S.a.s. a leading firm in Italy boasting steady expansion in international markets and countries with emerging economies.

Thanks to these new synergies, Revello S.a.s. products are now present on the most interesting markets worldwide. The Revello S.a.s  product line also includes well-known detergents as well as self-drying waxes, sanitizers, and finishing products, as well as vending machines.